Secure Storage always near you

We can offer long and short-term storage facilities for your furniture and other possessions. We take this responsibility seriously and ensure we provide a clean, safe, and secure service.

Whether you are moving house or moving business and you need help storing your possessions or office equipment, our professional storage service will meet your needs.

Security is vital during storage. That is why our storage facilities across South Africa are protected by 24-hour security. Our security protocol is stringent and has been improved over the years to withstand new threat. Our storage is secured with impregnable locks that are professionally engineered.

When you put your possessions into our care, you can trust that you will get them back the moment you call on us to return it.

Providing special storage needs where required

Our clients sometimes need us to help them store items that are not fit for containers. Also, some of those items require maintenance while in storage.

From clients going on a temporary job posting to those carrying out repairs and renovations, to companies moving to another country, we have helped various clients with this hassle-free arrangement effectively.


123 Logistics ensures your valuable items do not get damaged over time. Our short-term storage and long-term storage rooms have temperature and humidity controls to prevent dust, and all items are double wrapped for extra protection during moving and storage.

Short Term Storage

123 Logistics Services offers short term storage services at all our locations. Your items are fully protected, even if you just need them stored for a couple of weeks.

Long Term Storage

We’ll make an inventory list of all of your items, and maintain them in a climate controlled room. You will be able to access and visit your stored items at any time, or have some of them retrieved and delivered on demand.