Professional Packing Services

Our movers are experts at moving because they have mastered packing. For each item our movers have a specialized approach to ensure a safe arrival at your new home.

The careful packing of possessions and valuables is a crucial part of any successful move and it is an area 123 Logistics has a wealth of experience in.
We have a dedicated team of highly trained packers that deliver a varied service from supply of specialist packing materials for customers to organise the packing themselves right through to a complete packing solution that will take care of the entire contents of a home including clearance, storage, packing, labelling and itemisation.

For customers moving abroad, it is highly recommended to utilise our full packing service to ensure contents are loaded and itemised to meet the stringent and specific customs requirements of the destination country.

Specialized Packing
  • We pre-plan every packing job, and bring specialized materials
  • Use specific procedures for each item
  • Lamps go in special boxes, mattresses are inserted in special bags, flat screen TVs have special packing procedures
White Glove Moving
  • Our white glove movers are experts at moving delicate, high-value items
  • Our luxury services include photographic inventory of every item using the best technology
  • We pack with only the highest quality moving materials
Packing for Long Term Storage
  • We double wrap your items to protect them for the longer stay
  • Add special protection to ensure it will stay in great condition for as long as you need it to be stored
  • We shrink wrap your items to protect them from dust accumulation

Our expertise in packing and unpacking for removals

Our expertise in removal packing and unpacking is rooted in many generations of operation in the industry and accommodates both home and office relocation. Our staff are experts equipped with specialist packing and unpacking techniques.

This means that no matter how soft, fragile, heavy, or intricately shaped the items you need packed or unpacked are, 123 Logistics will deliver with efficiency.


Frequently Asked Questions

Still open questions?

A pre pack service is when the company comes to your home prior to the removal (generally the day before) and packs all of your personal effects (yes even Tupperware) into cartons, ready for the removalist to pick up on your uplift date.

At 123 Logistics, we strongly recommend not using these for packing. They are not designed for travel and as such are prone to breaking, They do not spread weight evenly and are often made of flimsy material. Pack into cartons instead.

If cartons are not packed to the top, they will compress when stacked upon and this may lead to damage to items packed in the carton. Like wise, if there is room for compression on the sides, crushing can occur.

No. There are many different types of tape and the appropriate tape should be used. Masking tape, whilst useful around the home, will not hold a carton together or closed during a removal.

Self assembly furniture (flat pak) should be disassembled. The screws and fastenings that are used to hold these items together do not stand up to the rigours of interstate travel.

Full packing service

We handle every aspect of your packing, from the utensils to the bedding, from the sturdy to the fragile, and from the light to the heavy.

Packing service for fragile Items

With our packing service for fragile items, we can spare you the risks. We sort and tag everything, use export wrapping for items like antiques and polished furniture, wrap and crate delicate movables when necessary, and even create bespoke packs for items with unusual shapes.

Unpacking Service

We do not only sort, pack, and tag. We also unpack. It does not matter where in South Africa you are relocating to. If we pack and moved your belongings, we will unpack them for you too.